The Bentonator: Unbox Lunchtime Magic! 🍱

 Bentonator Lunchbox

     304 Stainless Steel-Limited Edition

935 Customers

Unleash a new era of portable dining. Prepare for a paradigm shift as this game-changing innovation shatters the boundaries of convenience.


•  Quantom Safety: Forged from ABS plastic, the very same material that fortifies the innards of military tanks. Your edibles remain invulnerable, even in the midst of culinary combat! 

•  Hydrothermal: Maximize the power of hot water. Just add hot water to activate the rapid & efficient food warming like never before.

•  Culinary Equilibrium: Our bento box excels in the art of balance. The multi compartment features allow you to bring variety of foods including your soup.

•  Cinematic Mealtime: Enjoy entertainment while relishing your delicious meals with its built-in phone stand.

•  Innovative Perks: Enjoy the techno-extravaganza - a Denim Insulated Bag, Hydrothermal Tray, Soup Chowder Bowl and Free Cutlery.


   5 Compartments Bento Box



     Price:  $102.88 $36.85

1743 Bentonator Ordered

Hydrothermal Tray


$47.97 $0.00

Premium Denim Insulated Bag


$35.97 $0.00

Leak-Free Soup Bowl


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Stainless Steel Cutlery


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Crafted with precision, this feature maintains your meal's temperature, ensuring a warm bite every time. This isn't just a lunch box, it's a sophisticated dining experience.

Denim Insulated Bag

Carry your meals in style with our Denim Insulated Bag. Not only does it keep your food fresh, but it also adds a touch of class to your everyday routine.

Meal Time Entertainment

Perfect for those who multitask, the phone stand lets you catch up on your favorite shows or stay in touch with loved ones as you enjoy your meal.

Built-in Cutlery Compartment

It features a built-in cutlery compartment, complete with complimentary cutlery. No more fumbling for utensils, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Chowder Soup Bowl

Savor soup perfection with our leak-free bento lunchbox, featuring a designated space for it. You can now enjoy your favorite soup with your meal.

Premium Fabrication

CPSC-certified, BPA-free, and FDA-approved Bento Box, it's a testimony of our commitment to your health. Enjoy your meals with the peace of mind of knowing you're in safe hands.


Our previous batch sold out fast and our customers loved it. Read their testimonies!

David Alaba

  • Verified Buyer

My Lunch Buddy!

I can't imagine my lunch without this Bento Box! It keeps my meals warm and spill-free, making it the ultimate companion for my busy days.

Serena Gonzanel

  • Verified Buyer

Perfect Gift!

The convenience and quality of this Bento Box are unmatched. I love how it keeps my food fresh and delicious, even hours after packing it. Highly recommended!

Anna Chirstin

  • Verified Buyer

Great product!

I received this Bento Box as a gift, and it has truly been a game-changer. It's like having my own portable oven, keeping my meals hot and satisfying wherever I am.



We meet the standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 


Embrace a healthier lifestyle and savor your meals worry-free with our premium BPA-Free Bento Lunch Box. 


Rest assured that our product undergone comprehensive evaluations to ensure it meets all safety requirements.



Enjoy delicious meals on your camping adventures. Its durable and portable design ensures hassle-free packing, while the secure compartments keep your food fresh. 


Crafted to enhance your outdoor dining experience. Designed to retain heat, our Bento Lunch Box keeps your food warm and flavorful, adding an enjoyment to your picnics.


Stay organized and enjoy a satisfying meal at your desk with ease. Elevate your office dining experience with our sleek and convenient Bento Lunch Box.


Got queries or just wanna chat about your lunch dreams?

 Check our FAQs or reach out. We're here to make every lunch a happy dance!

What are the benefits of using a bento lunch box?

It offers several benefits, including portion control, organization of different food items, keeping food fresh for longer periods, and promoting eco-friendly practices by reducing the need for disposable containers.

Can I put soup in this bento box?
Can I put the bento box in my dishwasher?
Is it easy to carry around?


21 Reviews

3 Days Ago

Beautiful 😍

This bento lunchbox is my work lunchtime savior.

5 Days Ago

My Fav Part

As a soup lover, I am delighted by the inclusion of a soup compartment. It allows me to conveniently carry and enjoy my favorite soups wherever I go.

7 Days Ago

The Joy of Opening

There's something delightful about opening a Bento Box. It adds joy to my day.


8 Days Ago

Aesthetically Pleasing :D

I feel like a culinary artist with this beautiful Bento lunchbox. It makes my meals look Instagram-worthy!

10 Days Ago

Aesthetically Pleasing :D

11 Days Ago

I am a healthy eater

Thank you for this lunch box! I can maintain my healthy eating habit even on lunch.

12 Days Ago

Keeps food fresh

The Bento lunchbox's tight seals ensure that my food stays fresh and doesn't mix together during transportation. You can simply add hot water if you want your food to be freshly cooked.

14 Days Ago

Amazing product!

I came across this bento box while scrolling through Amazon, and I decided to purchase it. Now, I am amazed by how useful it has been for my work.

15 Days Ago

Just arrived

I am excited to start using this product! I will provide feedback after trying it out. Thank you, seller!

16 Days Ago


This is what I am waiting!

18 Days Ago

Thank you!

When I received the parcel containing my Bento Box, I was immediately impressed by the texture of its stainless-steel components.

20 Days Ago

Very Practical!

All I can say is just WOWWW!

20 Days Ago

She want it too!

She take this picture while I'm eating. lol

21 Days Ago

I enjoy my lunch

When I got it, I smile every time I take my lunch.

21 Days Ago

Game Changer

The Bento box has transformed mealtime for my picky eater. The separated compartments make it easier to introduce new foods.

23 Days Ago

The bag

The insulated lunch bag is very classy and beautiful. 

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